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KAKHETI – The Cradle of Georgian Wine-making

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დამატებითი ინფორმაცია

When traveling 30 km to the East from the Capital of Georgia – Tbilisi we be placed in one of the picturesque regions of Georgia –Kakheti. Kakheti is famous with its numerous historical and natural monuments as well as it is well-known as the cradle of Georgian wine-making. Boundless vineyards are stretched, big and small wine factories are located all over Kakheti. Most of these factories are open for visitors. The monastery Gareji represents the most impressive cave monastery in Georgia. It was founded by one of the Assyrian priest St. David Garejeli in 6th century. The history is related David Garejeli which says that it visited Jerusalem. The Christians believe: if you pray in David Gareji for three times it means visiting Jerusalem. According to the legend St. Nino passed away here in Bodbe in 335 p.c. after traveling throughout the country, curing ills and baptizing people. St. Nino made her will to be buried on this territory. Near the monastery there is a spring of St. Nino, healing believers from ailments.

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