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Guria region is located in the Kolkheti lowlands, in the south-western part of Georgia. It is bordered on the west by the Black Sea, where there are beaches of magnetic sand, and on the other hand, you will find beautiful nature in the mountains of Guria. The climate of Guria is distinguished by its healing properties, as it combines sea and mountain air.

What to see in Guria

Resorts - Gomismta, Bakhmaro and Nabeghlavi

Seaside resorts - Shekvetili, Ureki, Grigoleti

Cultural monuments - Askani Castle, Desert Monastery, Vashnari town

Protected area - Kolkheti National Park

Guria climate

The Guria lowlands are characterized by a humid-subtropical climate. Summers are moderately hot, winters are moderately cool.

Gurian cuisine

Gurian cuisine is rich in vegetarian, nutty dishes and a variety of pastries. Christmas pie, which looks like khachapuri and has a lunar shape, is one of the popular foods. Distinctive grape varieties are Chkhaveri, Mtevandidi, Jani and Aladasturi.

საინტერესო ფაქტები
  • The lowest place in Georgia is near Lake Paliastomi. (-2 meters above sea level)
  • The Kolkheti lowland is characterized by the highest average annual temperature on the territory of Georgia.
  • In 2000, the highest temperature was recorded in Poti - 45.5ºC;
  • Guria is rich in mineral waters, the most famous of which is Nabeghlavi;
  • Gurian people in Georgia are known for their humor and agility;
  • Playing handball rugby is an Eastern tradition in Lanchkhuti;
  • Traces of human life from the Lower Paleolithic onwards have been confirmed in Guria;
  • There are wooden houses in Guria called Oda, a 3-6 room wooden house with a wooden floor and a balcony.
  • Visit the resort of Bakhmaro on August 19, where horsemen from different parts of Georgia gather and hold traditional horse racing, as well as an exhibition and sale of folk handicrafts is held;
  • In Bakhmaro, be sure to see the sunset hill in the evening and the sunrise hill in the morning.
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