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Aeetes Palace

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 Welcome to Aeëtes Palace Hotel Aeëtes Palace is located in the downtown of Kutaisi, proclaimed city museum area. The name of the hotel is by no way of random choice. According to the ancient Greek historical records and the classical literature tradition here Jason and his band of heroes, the Argonauts, sailed upstream of the Phasis River (modern Rioni) in Kutaia City in search of the Golden Fleece some 33 centuries ago. 
          The hotel is two minutes walk from the White Bridge. Very likely, the palace of Aeëtes, popular king of Colchis, stood at the very spot of the hotel. The edifice is styled according to the ancient Colchis fortress and decorated with the mural illustrations on Greek mythology. 
          The Aeëtes Palace is renowned with its individual service and classic elegance. It is one of the most honored luxury hotels in Kutaisi. Our hotel offers cozy and comfortable rooms and delicious cuisine with variety of food and a wide assortment of the unique Georgian wines. The Golden Fleece can serve a venue for holding various events and celibrations

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