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    • 16/08/15
    • 22/08/15
Additional Information

Tours in the hot summer. The administration has decided to arrange a tour in the tour leader!

Duration 7 days!

                                                       Price 350 GEL per person

The price includes:

<> Transportation

<> Hotel

<> Meals

<> Photo and Video

<> Walking yacht

<> Visit the mountainous region

<> Meat Falls

                                                         Full description of the tour:

1 day.

Away from 06:00 pm. Arriving in Kobuleti. Accommodation at the hotel. Meal. Free day. Swim in the sea. Dinner.

2 days .:

Visit the custom Ureki, Ureki stop. Vibanavebt sea. Dinner. Chakvi will go to the park and entertainment center. Kobuleti dabrueba evening. Dinner

Day 3:

Batumi. Visit the Nature Reserve Areas. Green Cape, the gardens, have lunch. Vibanavebt sea, walk yacht. We will see the city at night. Come back in Kobuleti. Dinner.

Day 4:

Batumi, Gonio, dinner, kvariti away, where vibanavebt sea, we will organize a picnic, picnic in the evening gaseirneba.dabruneba Kobuleti. Dinner

Day 5:

Highland Adjara. Tkhilnari waterfall. Meat and picnic at the waterfall. Back in Kobuleti. Dinner

Day 6:

Rest in. Lunch and dinner.

7 days - back to Tbilisi.

You will have plenty of surprises and enjoyable vacation. The maximum comfort and cozy atmosphere for you it is the leading tour!

Reservation call 592 15 15 37 calling areas

The tour includes
  • Meal Meal
  • Airtickets Airtickets
  • Transfer Transfer
  • Museum Tickets Museum Tickets
  • Guide service Guide service
  • Travel insurance Travel insurance
  • Concert tickets Concert tickets
  • Hand Luggage Hand Luggage
  • Checked-in Bag Checked-in Bag
  • სასტუმროში განთავსება სასტუმროში განთავსება
Price per person350.00
  • Location
  • Tour date
    Start date of the trip
    • 16/08/15
    • 22/08/15
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