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Tbilisi at Night

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During night tour of Tbilisi we ‘ll visit to Sameba cathedral-which is the most beautiful in the lighting condition, it  is one of the main dominant of Tbilisi and can be seen from many points of the city. -– metekhi church –it is the oldest church , located on the cliff of Mtkvari ,  its location becomes it more impressive,  , there is located  the grave of tortured for Christianity,  St. Shushanik's body, also the small church is located at the bottom of the cliff. Which is st.Abo’s church, according to the legend, the cliff of metekhi must be place of Abo’s tortune (VIII c.). On the opposite of it there is located Narikala fortress, in the middle of them the biggest river of Transcaucasia is flowing, after passing the bridge and climb up Narikala, we ‘ll have the opportunity to see the fortress , where from we’ll have opportunity to overlook illuminated Tbilisi, Then we’ll take a look at the most beautiful old streets, Which are the center of cultural and social life, passing the streets we’ll visit to Sioni church , where is kept St.nino’s vine cross, then we ‘ll go up to Mtatsminda, where is located Father David's monastery,also here is located Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures


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