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The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is an important social, cultural and industrial center of the Caucasus region. Archaeological excavations confirm that the territory of Tbilisi was inhabited as early as BC. წ. In the IV millennium. Vakhtang Gorgasali discovered the place while hunting, rebuilt and cultivated it, so he is considered to be the founder of the city. Many interesting events are being held in Tbilisi today. It is becoming more and more popular with nightlife, art festivals and business summits.


What to see in Tbilisi


Cultural monuments: Trinity Cathedral, Sioni, Kashveti, Narikala Fortress;

Museums: Tbilisi Ethnographic Museum, Georgian National Museum, Georgian Art Museum, Book Museum, Tbilisi Museum of Photography and Multimedia;

Nature: Turtle Lake, Lisi Lake, Chili Lake, Tbilisi Botanical Garden, Tbilisi Sea, Tbilisi National Park, Leghvatakhevi Waterfall;

Tourist places: Abanotubani, Mtatsminda Park, Old Tbilisi, Temka Monument - Chronicle of Georgia, Chardin Street;

Nightlife: Bassiani, Khidi, Mtkvarze, Cafe-Gallery, Dive Bar, Canudos, Fabrika, etc.


Climate of Tbilisi


Tbilisi has a transition from moderately warm steppe to moderately humid subtropical. Here you have moderately cold winters and hot summers. The rainiest month is May, January is the least.


Transport in Tbilisi


You can use several types of transport in Tbilisi:

  • Tbilisi Metro has two lines

  • Bus

  • Minibus (Marshutka)

  • Taxi

საინტერესო ფაქტები
  • Tbilisi was called Tiflis until 1936
  • Tbilisi is divided into 10 districts
  • The population of Tbilisi has always been multiethnic. Armenians, Kurds, Jews, Azeris, Russians and Greeks lived next to Georgians in the city.
  • Tbilisi was and is the only city in the Caucasus where you can see the mosque, the synagogue and the church side by side.
  • The main water artery of the city is the Mtkvari, which divides the city into two parts
  • The city is located at 370-700 meters above sea level
  • მუნიციპალიტეტები: 10
  • ფართობი (კმ2): 726
  • მოსახლეობის რაოდენობა: 1 500 000