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Abkhazia is located on the western side of Georgia, on the Black Sea coast. Occupied by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. It is amazing with the diversity of nature, because everything is gathered here: the sea, snowy mountains, lakes or waterfalls.


What to see in Abkhazia


  • Reserves: Pskhu-Gumismta, Ritsa and Bichvinta-Musera

  • Resort Bichvinta

  • The deepest lake in Georgia - Lake Ritsa

  • Sokhumi Botanical Garden - built in 1840, one of the oldest gardens in the Caucasus

  • Kruberi Cave - 2190 meters deep cave, one of the deepest in the world

  • კულტურული ძეგლები: ანაკოფიის ციხე, შარვაშიძეების სასახლე, წებელდის ციხე, ბიჭვინთის ტაძარი


Climate of Abkhazia


Abkhazia is a mountainous region, which covers about 74% of the territory. The coastline of Abkhazia is linear. Sukhumi and Gagra Ube, Bichvinta and Sokhumi capes are noteworthy. Climate type in Abkhazia is divided into zones: humid subtropical sea climate with warm winters and hot summers (up to 300-400 m above sea level); Humid climate with moderately cold winters and long warm summers (300-400 m to 1000-1100 m); Humid climate with cold winters and long cool summers (from 1000-1100 m to 2000-2100 m); High and humid climate of the highlands (from 2000-2100 m to 2800-2900 m) and highland nival climate (above 2800-2900 m). The warmest months are July-August. The maximum rainfall falls in winter, in summer, the minimum, which resembles the climate of the Mediterranean.


Cuisine of Abkhazia

Abkhazian cuisine is rich in dishes mixed with nuts, peppers, sauces. Abkhazian adjika and fig fruit leather are known. Traditional dishes are: aritsvmgeli (walnut cornflower bread), akrdtsa (bean dish), Abkhazian achma. Abkhazian vine tolerates humid weather and humidity well. Hybrid Adesa and Tsolikouri vines are noteworthy.

საინტერესო ფაქტები
  • The largest waterfall in Georgia is Klichi, which is 100 meters high
  • The deepest lake in Georgia is Ritsa Lake, which is 101 meters deep.
  • The deepest karst abyss in Georgia is Tovliana located in Gudaeti municipality. One of the deepest in the world, with a depth of -900 m.
  • Leprua is one of the shortest rivers in the world
  • Abkhazian language belongs to the group of northwestern Abkhazian-Adyghe languages of Caucasian languages
  • You are advised to find out the rules and laws in detail before entering the territory of Abkhazia
  • მუნიციპალიტეტები: 4
  • ფართობი (კმ2): 4 913
  • მოსახლეობის რაოდენობა: 102 000