Discover RachaRacha

Racha is famous for its diversity of nature, alpine lakes, forests and cultural monuments. There are many churches, castles and ruins in Racha. Rachvelians were famous craftsmen and have built a number of wooden houses, which are decorated with beautiful carvings.

What to see in Racha-Lechkhumi 

Be sure to stop at the Shaori Reservoir, which you’ll see on the road to Racha. Here you can go fishing, swimming or go on a picnic. Do not miss the beautiful Udziro Lake, Glacier Buba and Sasvano Lakes. Climate-balneological resort Shovi is located at the highest point of Racha, where people come for treatment or recovery.

Climate of Racha-Lechkhumi

Racha is located in the north-eastern part of western Georgia. Winters are cold and long, summers are short. In places above 2000 meters the summers are quite cool, the climate is humid and nival.

Cuisine of Racha

While visiting Racha, taste beans, bean stew and shkmeruli (chicken dipped in garlic and milk). Rachveli people bake beans in a bakery and mix ham into the heart. Rachuli ham is famous and usually always lies on the table, which is served with sauce.

As for the grape variety, currently it is found in Racha: Kakhetian Saperavi and Tavkveri, Rkatsiteli, Tsitska-Tsolikouri, Goruli Mtsvane and others.

საინტერესო ფაქტები
  • There is a natural cave freezer in Racha, where the temperature is zero degrees at any time of the year.
  • Traces of human life in Racha are confirmed from the Bronze Age
  • There is a joke that Rachvelians are the slowest people in Georgia
  • Visit the Nikortsminda Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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