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Svaneti is the highest mountainous region of Georgia, located in the western-northern part, and is considered to be the highest settlement region in the Caucasus. The Svan towers are not only a miracle, but the people took refuge in these buildings to defend themselves.

What to see in Svaneti

Visit the region capital of Mestia, where there are numerous Svan towers, including the Svaneti Historical-Ethnographic Museum. Be sure to visit one of the highest settled villages in Europe - Ushguli. Visit Shdugra Waterfall, Golden Water Lakes, Chalaadi Ice Falls. In winter, you can go skiing at Hatsvali Resort or Tetnuldi.

Climate of Svaneti

Winters in Svaneti are cold and long, summers are short and warm. The lowest temperature is -25, and the maximum is + 35 ℃.

Svanetian Cuisine

Svanetian dishes are mixed with Svan salt, which is a mixture of salt, pepper and various spices. The local product is ecological. Be sure to try Sulguni, Kubdari (meat stewed in dough), Chishdvari (cheese soaked in corn flour ), and edible greens pies.

There are no vines in Svaneti, therefore local wine is not produced, although Vodka of honey and elder, as well as distilled from various fruits are popular.

საინტერესო ფაქტები
  • The 10 highest peaks of the Caucasus are located in Svaneti
  • The highest peak in Georgia is located in Svaneti - Shkhara, which is 5068 meters high
  • Soviet climbers first climbed Shkhara in 1933
  • The largest glacier in Georgia is Lekhziri, located in Svaneti. Its length is 12 km and its area is 36 square meters km.
  • There are about 200 Svan towers in Svaneti and they are about 20-25 meters high
  • Visit Svaneti on the Lamproba (annual ritual of lamp-lighting) holiday, which is held before spring. Its purpose is to promote productivity and good weather. In the evening people gather around a huge bonfire and conduct wrestling, singing, dancing and other traditional activities.
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