Discover Shida KartliShida Kartli

Shida Kartli is located in the eastern part of Georgia. The region is famous for its historical and cultural monuments.

What to see in Shida Kartli

Relax at Surami Resort, visit Art-Villa Garikula and Rkoni.

The best places to relax in nature are: Bateti Lake, Liakhvi Reserve, Jamjama Peak in Tana Valley.

Must see place - Stalin Museum in Gori.

Cultural monuments are: Uplistsikhe Caves, Kintsvisi Monastery, Ateni Sioni, Surami Fortress, Gori Fortress.

Climate of Shida Kartli

The climate of Shida Kartli is continental, the average temperature during the year is about 11 ° C. There are high ridges of the Caucasus and Trialeti in the North and south of Shida Kartli. 

Cuisine of Shida Kartli

Kartli cuisine is rich in both fish and meat dishes, as well as plant products. Nazuki is very popular in the region, which you can taste on the way to Surami. Also, try cul meat stewed with cherry plums and edible greens. For dessert you can eat ecologically pure fruits: apples, pears, peaches or plums.

Some of the distinguished grape types are: Goruli Mtsvane, Shavkapito, Chinuri and Budeshuri.

საინტერესო ფაქტები
  • Shida Kartli region has industrial potential;
  • Gori district is a fruit-growing center;
  • Bateti Lake is home to the rare species of Asian triton, included in the Red Book.
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