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Griff Inn Bazaleti

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Bazaletii Lake Hotel Complex
Griff Inn Bazaleti

A new, premium class hotel Griff Inn Bazaleti is opened on shores of Bazaleti Lake. It features a lovely swimming pool, indoor-outdoor bars and a terrace with the lake view.
All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, heating system, private bathroom and Wi-Fi. Our animator will be entertaining you during your stay at our hotel.
The hotel was built and exploited in July, 2016.  
Bazaleti Lake is famous for its touristic potential that attracts visitors throughout the year. Thanks to its healing water characterized by various healing powers and also to the ground waters, the lake has super self-cleaning and replenishing abilities. Aquatic plants growing in the lake have sanative virtues.
Bazaleti Lake water has been used for the treatment of dermatological and gynecological disorders, as well as of rheumatic and osteoarticular pathologies. Bazaleti air has a powerful ability to heal cardiovascular and ischemic diseases.
Bazaleti Lake is located 40 km northwest of Tbilisi and it is only half an hour ride from the capital for you to relax at 879 meters above the sea level.
Price (for 2 people): starting from 130 GEL
Three stories
14 rooms
Extra beds
Room Services

Hotel Services
Wake-up service
Outdoor swimming pool
Pedal boats available
Free parking      
Other services
Indoor-outdoor bars
Open bar on the lake
Tour/Excursion Services available
Credit/Debit cards accepted
Tel: : (+995) 591 91 99 77                                                 Facebook: Griff Inn Bazaleti

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