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Hotel Tusheti is located in the most beautiful part of Georgia, Tusheti, in the village of Omalo. The hotel has 8 double, triple and quadruple rooms with their own bathrooms (20 people can be accommodated). The hotel offers traditional Georgian and Tush dishes made with natural products, provided with hot water and light. Also offers horseback riding and car domestic tours. 60 GEL for 1 day with two meals. There is also a three-day tour. Visit all three valleys of Tusheti, Dartlo. Pars, Bochor Dochu, Iliurta, Shenako, Diklo, and Omalo castles. The tour costs 250.l.

  • yes Wi-Fi
  • yes Free Parking
  • yes Family rooms
  • yes Laundry
  • yes Domestic animals
Pricegel 90
  • grene
    Locationold omalo
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