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Imereti – the biggest regional unit in Georgia; located in the West Georgia. The archeological monuments discovered on the territory of Imereti confirm that the human lived here from the Paleolith age. In the Georgian history Imereti has always got its important role – in the X century the crowning of the first king of united Georgia – Bagrat III was held in Kutaisi, while at the end of XI century the crowning of the powerful king of Georgia – David the Builder (David Agmashenebeli) took place right here. Up to 1122 Kutaisi was the Royal residence of Georgia. Many historical and natural monuments are situated near Kutaisi - one of the best samples of medieval architecture – Temple Bagrati and Monastery Complex Gelati (The monuments of UNESCO Heritage); Temple Motsameta (in translation – the temple of martyrs); Sataplia Reserve - well-known by its karst caves and of course the footprints of the dinosaurs, left here in the reserve. The footprints dates 165 million years back.

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